Winter Wedding Inspiration

Winter weddings have become very popular over the last few years. People love the idea of having an intimate wedding with a crisp winter backdrop. If you’re lucky, you might even get a light flurry of snow to add to the atmosphere. 

There’s just something special about the winter season – probably because of all the festivities that occur. As such, winter weddings feel more wholesome, more joyful. That is, if you’re lucky enough to escape the bad weather! There’s a lot to love about the winter wedding trend, particularly when it comes to the inspiration available. Winter weddings look incredible, and here are some ideas to help you plan yours: 

White Confetti/Fake Snow

Obviously, we aren’t always blessed with snow here in the UK! In fact, we either have none at all, or too much. So, one winter wedding trend involves bringing snow to your wedding. You can create a snow flurry with white confetti that pours down on you and your new husband/wife as you give each other a big kiss. Or, for a more lavish approach, get a snow machine that coats the floor and surroundings, meaning you have the proper winter experience without the wet, slipperiness of real snow!

Winter Flowers & Foliage

In winter, different flowers are in-season compared to the summer. This means that a lot of your usual wedding bouquet ideas don’t really suit the season. Instead of trying to make them work – or using fake flowers – you should turn your attention to all that winter has to offer. Some beautiful winter flowers will make up your bouquet, but the main draw is the foliage. Things like ivy, holly, and various berries are perfect for this season. They provide the wintry effect and can be gorgeous when used as decoration around your wedding venue. Imagine people walking into the room and seeing sprigs of ivy or holly hanging from walls and fireplaces. It really brings the Christmas vibes to your wedding; your guests will instantly have a big smile on their faces. 

Winter Wedding Dresses

Naturally, your wedding dress is the most essential part of the wedding. In summer, you have some extra freedom when choosing your dress. Bridal fabric like silk or organza are popular in the summer months as they’re more lightweight and free-flowing. But, in winter, you can’t really afford to get a dress that’s too light. Instead, you need to buy something that can keep you warm as well as ensuring you look your best. 

Consequently, satin wedding dresses are popular during this season. Satin is more durable and thick – when compared to other bridal fabrics – so it’s perfect for a winter wedding dress. It offers a smooth and elegant finish as well, so you will still look absolutely stunning. The same idea applies to bridesmaid dresses too; they must be stylish but comfortable. Stick to the thicker fabrics like satin or tulle, and you’ll create dresses that are fit for the cold weather. 

As well as this, different styles are very trendy during winter weddings. Adding sequins or beads to your dresses will have a stunning effect. This works best for bridesmaid dresses; add sequins to the design, so they sparkle and glimmer in the light. 

The wedding dress length is also a key thing to keep your eye on. In winter, the trend moves towards longer length gowns and long sleeves. Again, this makes it more suitable to the season, but it also adds a beautiful elegance to the dress. 

Warm Features

You can play around with so many different decorations or accessories at a winter wedding. But, one of the best ideas is to include a host of warm and cosy features. Think about it, your guests may spend a lot of time standing outside in the cold. So, you need to keep them comfortable! The reception venue could be complemented with beautiful fireplaces that create a really homely feel. Or, you could have a mulled wine or spiced hot apple stand where people can get free drinks to warm them up.

In summer, it’s common to provide flip flops or sandals to guests, so they can get out of their uncomfortable shoes. You can take this idea to the next level by offering warm and fluffy slippers at your winter wedding. Or, hand out hats and gloves, so everyone stays warm during the chilly weather. 

Winter weddings are truly a thing of beauty. Hopefully, these ideas give you some inspiration on how to plan your big day. If you’re looking for some incredible bridal fabric to make the perfect winter wedding dress, then feel free to check out our site. We offer a wide variety of options, in different colours and styles. Pick the one you want, and we’ll send it to you ASAP. 

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