Why Klona Cotton Is Perfect for Summer Dresses…

With warmer weather making an appearance and the summer ahead of us, now is a great time to be thinking about sewing a new summer wardrobe. A summer dress is a fantastic project, with plenty of easy patterns out there for beginners. You don’t usually need much to make a basic summer dress, either. Some fabric and thread, as well as a zip or other fasteners such as buttons, could be all that you need to sew a lovely summer dress. And with affordable Klona cotton fabric, you get a fabric that won’t cost a fortune and comes in an amazing array of colours.

What Is Klona Cotton?

Klona cotton is designed to be a more affordable alternative to Kona cotton, which is made and sold by Robert Kaufman. The original Robert Kaufman Kona fabric offers a huge range of different shades, but it’s usually around 50% more expensive and sold as 112cm width. Klona still offers good quality and lots of colours, but it’s slightly more affordable and sold as 150cm width. When you’re making a dress, being able to save money is a great benefit. You can use a lot of fabric, especially if you want to sew a long or flared skirt, so more affordable fabric like Klona cotton is a good choice.

Klona Cotton Colours

A colourful summer dress is a brilliant way to feel happy and fashionable in warmer weather. Our range of Klona cotton fabrics includes more than 35 colours, so you can find the perfect shade to make your summer dress. In fact, with so many colours available, you could easily make the same dress in different colours and create a full summer wardrobe. You could also mix and match colours if you don’t want to have just one solid colour on your summer dress.

Excellent Quality

Klona cotton might be affordable, but that doesn’t make it cheap fabric. It’s still great quality, and it’s a good choice for making durable summer dresses for both adults and children. It’s durable enough that you can use it for clothing and quilting too. Cotton is a versatile fabric that you can use in many ways. It’s also a natural fabric, which helps to make it more breathable. This is ideal in the summer when you want to keep cool but also make sure you look and feel good at the same time.

Easy to Work With

As a woven fabric, Klona cotton is ideal for people who are beginners or intermediate sewers. You’ll find it a breeze to sew with this fabric, even if you’re not very familiar with using a sewing machine just yet. You won’t have to worry about issues like stretching as much as you would with some more difficult fabrics, such as knitted fabrics. Even if you’re making your first ever dress, Klona cotton is the perfect selection.

Klona cotton is ideal for sewing summer dresses with its great value, quality and choice of colours.

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