Why Is Gingham So Popular?

Gingham Fabric

Gorgeous Gingham.

There’s no doubt about it, gingham is back in fashion. This plain woven fabric has always been popular, but it’s now being seen in shops and on catwalks more than ever. Read on to discover why gingham is so on trend, then take a look at the gingham fabrics available on Fabric Direct for your home creations.



Ravishing retro

Vintage themes are constantly being revived, and gingham is one with a long, rich history. It was thought to originate in the 17th century in Malaysia and Indonesia, during the Dutch colonisation there. You may well remember the blue gingham dress Judy Garland wore as Dorothy in 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. Then there was the pink gingham wedding dress worn by French actress and model Brigitte Bardot for her wedding in 1959. With a past this interesting, no wonder the fabric keeps reappearing.

Instantly Instagrammable

Gingham uses white plus one other shade, which makes it a striking design that translates particularly well onto social media sites. Because of the way the yarns are arranged, with the uncoloured crossing against the coloured, a third shade is created which complements the other two. For even more visual appeal on today’s catwalks, designers are combining two types of gingham or teaming the design with other vibrant prints and patterns.

Gingham On Instagram

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Comfortable clothing

Because gingham contains cotton, it’s really comfortable to wear. It’s sturdy enough to give good coverage and not lose its shape, but lightweight enough to be flexible and breathable too. The yarn is dyed before it’s woven, so the end material looks the same on each side. This makes it easy to fold and sew into an appealing dress or shirt.

Very versatile

Gingham is a highly practical fibre. Its pattern means the eye is detracted away from any minor marks that may appear over time. Because it contains cotton or linen, it absorbs any small amounts of moisture without leaving too much of a trace – unlike, say, silk which would stain easily. This versatility makes gingham ideal for tablecloths, cushions and frocks you’ll want to wear again and again. At Fabric Direct, we stock a range of gingham fabrics for your home furnishings and clothes patterns. Why not use gingham to make a hair scrunchie, dolls’ outfit, necktie, key ring or picture frame?

Buy your gingham fabrics online today

At Fabric Direct, we are proud to offer the finest gingham fabrics to dressmakers, available by the metre and with a wide range on offer at highly competitive prices. We also sell a huge range of embellishments, nets and laces, finishes and more. Buy online for immediate UK dispatch and superb customer service. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch and our experienced team will be delighted to help.

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