Why Denim Is Trending Right Now

Denim Fabric Trend

Denim has long been a utilised fabric globally – since its creation in the United States in 1873. A fabric that was created by a tailor from Nevada, Jacob W. Davis, it has been seen across runways, in magazines and more throughout the past 146 years.

However, despite it hitting high popularity in the 1980s, it’s now more popular than ever. This season’s biggest trend, denim fabric has been given a makeover just in time for summer with lightwear options storming the high street. 

So Why is it Trending? 

Denim is such a flexible and stylish fabric, and people have realised that it’s not limited to jeans or shorts. Now it’s seen on various items of clothing, from chic tote bags to shoes, dresses, tops and skirts – showcasing that the possibilities are simply endless with this dream fabric. 

Due to its stylish design, you can wear denim to any occasion – whether you’re looking to head out for a day of sightseeing in the capital or to a romantic evening meal. If you really want to go daring, you could even try double denim – a fashion statement that’s been revitalised from the 1980s and is being seen internationally this summer. 

One designer in particular that’s embraced the rise in denim this season is Chanel. A feature that was prominently presented in their latest catwalk, it’s clear to see why so many people are looking to follow suit. 

Designer Carolina Herrera also followed this trend, with her variety of denim dresses and skirts that have been seen on several celebrities from Meghan Markle to Charlotte Ricci.

What Denim Colours Are in This Season?

Denim doesn’t just come in blue. It’s available in a range of colours, from white to black and grey. This season, these extraordinary colours are particularly popular – however the suitability can vary on the occasion. 

For example, black and grey denim is perfect for nightwear due to their sleek appearance; whereas white fabric is more suitable for during the day due to its ability to reflect the sun. 

They are also available in a range of different weights – so you can enjoy denim fabric whether it’s the summer or winter.

How to Style Your Denim Outfit

This season, to align with the latest trends, don’t hold back with what you pair your denim with. For example, once of the most popular options is statement earrings paired with either a denim dress or jumpsuit. For the latter, it will echo back to the fashions of the 1980s in a great way!

Alternatively, for a statement look, you could try denim cutoffs with a blazer and sandals – something that was seen in the Chanel runway show mentioned above. However, these designer denim clothes don’t come cheaply. So if you’re looking to get creative whilst following the denim trend, why not make your own items using our selection of denim fabric? With a variety on offer, you can select the colour and length you require.

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