Which is Best, Curtains or Blinds?

Beautiful Curtains

Whether you’re taking in a dazzlingly bright and cheerful summer’s day, or enjoying the spartan beauty of a frost-kissed winter morning, the view outside your window is a big part of what makes spending time at home pleasurable. Your windows don’t just afford you a great view of your neighbourhood, they also bathe your home in flattering (and mood boosting) natural light and help a room look airer and more spacious. But when the sun goes down, you also need to be able to protect your privacy and shut out the creeping cold. Not to mention those times when you want to get the glare of the sun off your TV, laptop or device.

And in these moments where you want to shut out the outside and give your windows some aesthetically pleasing adornment, which do you choose… curtains or blinds?

While both have their advocates, is there a clear winner between the two? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each to ascertain which is best…

Curtains- The Pros

The great thing about curtains is that they can draw the eye and frame the windows beautifully in a way that’s harder to do with blinds. Curtains come in a wide array of colours, styles, textures and weights so you can use thick and heavy drapes to provide total privacy and blot out the sun when you need it to lighter and more cheerful curtains to soften and diffuse the sunlight from outside.

If you have a very traditional and classical taste in interior decor, it’s hard to deny the appeal of curtains and the beautiful way in which they can frame the window while bringing a splash of colour and character into the space. 

Living Room Curtains

Curtains- The Cons

While curtains offer a range of benefits, they can also take up a lot of space, making diminutive rooms look much smaller. For this reason, blinds are better for small spaces. Depending on the type and quantity of fabric needed, curtains can also be very expensive and may not be the best for those with very limited budgets.

Blinds- The Pros

The great thing about blinds is that they’re an extremely cost effective and versatile way to decorate your windows. And with lots of different styles, colours and functionalities to choose from, you have a lot of control over how you want your blinds to look, fit and operate. 

For example, you can choose wooden or metal venetian blinds which add the space a contemporary feel while also making it quick and easy to rotate the slats to allow more or less light into the room.

Or there are cost-effective roller blinds available in an array of styles and colours. Or, alternatively, there are roman blinds which offer a more traditional and luxurious aesthetic while allowing you to slide them up or down depending on how much light you want to let in.

Blinds are generally good for homes with young children or pets as they’re easier to wipe clean with less propensity to be pulled down than curtains. 

Blinds- the Cons

The versatility of blinds is a huge part of their appeal, but all kinds of blinds have their caveats. Roller blinds, for example, can get frayed or creased making them look cheaper and less impressive. What’s more the slats in venetian blinds can be bent, reducing their efficacy and their aesthetic appeal. Roman blinds look fantastic, but they can be difficult to keep clean and awkward to operate. 

In conclusion… It’s all about you!

At the risk of sounding non-committal… it really is a draw. There’s no window treatment that’s inherently better or worse than the other. There are a lot of great things about both while each has its caveats. 

It all depends on you and your home.

It depends on the size and shape of the available space. It depends on how much sunlight you get, when you get it and whether it’s welcome or a distraction. It depends on the size and shape of your windows, how warm or cold the space gets throughout the year and how well insulated the windows themselves are. And, of course, your aesthetic preference.

Fortunately, at Fabric Direct, we have a huge selection of fabrics that lend themselves beautifully to the creation of curtains and Roman blinds. So you can treat your home to either or both depending on what’s best for each room in your home.

And with free delivery on orders over £50 there’s never been a better time to order!

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