Buying Fabric During The Lockdown

Buying fabric

Where can I buy fabric during the lockdown?

A very common search online now is “where can I buy fabric during the lockdown?” Understandably so as some of the most popular home based hobbies, pastimes and businesses struggle to get the fabric they need.

We understand that being in this unique environment has had huge impacts on many people. We also understand the need to keep occupied in both body and mind and want to do whatever we can to get you the fabrics you need.

Why has it become so difficult to get fabric?

Well, of course, in line with UK government guidelines all ‘non essential’ shops are currently closed (quite rightly) BUT very view fabric retailers have their own online shop. Adding to that, many of those that do have an e-commerce website are struggling to get supplies – we have seen many examples of online fabric stores declaring that they cannot get fabric out to customers until the end of May.

This is simply because they do not normally carry much fabric in stock, under normal circumstances you order it from their website and they then feed your order direct to the supplier who, in turn, delivers to you direct. However, nearly all fabric suppliers are now shut down.

What’s the good news?


EVERYTHING that’s listed on our website is in stock at our own UK premises and IN STOCK RIGHT NOW.

Of course, we’ve had to change how we work. Our two local retail premises have had to temporarily close BUT our online store is very much OPEN for all of your fabric needs.

The team that handles your online orders and messages are all now home based, and our small team of pickers and packers have more than 2 metres working space at all times and follow strict distancing and hygiene rules.

This is how we are able to keep sending you fabric during the lockdown!!

So, please feel free to browse around our store and place your orders in full confidence of a safe, speedy and efficient delivery of your new fabric.

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