Valentine’s Day Fabrics

Valentines Fabric

Fabric For Valentines.

There is nothing more personal than a hand-made Valentine’s Day gift, and fabric craft is a beautiful way of showing your partner that you have been thinking about them. Whether you choose to make a set of sweet cushions, an embroidered scarf, a patchwork quilt or a new dress, Fabric-Direct has you covered. Here are a few of our most popular fabrics for Valentine’s Day crafts…


Ask any interior designer and they will tell you that velvet is having a bit of a moment. For newcomers to the world of fabric craft, there is nothing easier to make than a velvet cushion.

Choose the best quality velvet that you can afford- the deeper the pile, the more luxurious it will look. Then pick a romantic shade of pink, red or champagne (ideally one that will complement the decor of your Valentine’s house) and start sewing!

If you have time, you can use some wool or cross-stitching to sew a special message along the front of the cushion, and if you have even more time, you can make a full set for your partner’s sofa or bed.


Silk is one of the most sought-after fabrics in the world, and it can be used for a huge range of romantic gifts. Line a box with gathered silk and use it to display a beautiful piece of vintage or hand-made jewellery. Alternatively, find a piece of patterned silk and fashion it into a unique pocket square or a tie that your loved one can wear on special occasions.


One of the most whimsical fabrics of all, there is no limit to the uses of tulle. Gather swathes of frothy coloured tulle to make a bespoke skirt for your partner (it’s easier than you might think), or keep it simple by cutting off long lengths of creamy tulle and wrapping it around a classic bouquet of red roses. Tulle also acts as a luxe alternative to wrapping paper or tissue paper.


Felt is one of the most versatile fabrics around and it is hugely popular within the crafting world. Buy a few different coloured swatches and use them to create a 3D Valentine’s Day card that represents your relationship. For instance, if you’ve just moved in together, a felt house is a sweet and thoughtful alternative to a traditional card. Or, of course, you could just stick with the classic layered heart motif.


A home-made patchwork quilt tells a story that can be passed down from generation to generation, and quilter’s weight cotton is the perfect choice of fabric for the job.

Start with one intricately decorated square, then add to the quilt as the years go by for a family heirloom that will spark joy for years to come.

Valentines Fabric

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