Upholstery Fabric Online

At Fabric Direct Online, we have a broad range of exceptional upholstery fabric for you to check out. We offer an incredible variety of styles and designs that can’t be matched.

Upholstery Fabric Online

There are over 350 items currently in stock, but they sell fast. So, if you need to get your hands on some high-quality upholstery fabric, then check out our upholstery fabric online stock and order yours today. 


Stunning Upholstery Fabric  Online At Fantastic Prices

You can buy your upholstery fabric online in metre lengths, which means you get to choose how much you need. We believe this is the best way to sell fabric as it helps everyone minimise waste. You can measure out your upholstery at home, and figure out the exact amount you’ll require. Then, head to our website, choose the metre length, and receive your stunning upholstery fabric. 


By doing this, you also get far better value for money. Other companies make you pay for specific quantities of fabric, which often results in you wasting money on something you don’t use. You may only need 5 metres of fabric, but you’re forced to pay for 10! With us, you’re in control, and you only pay for what you need. 


Need some high-quality upholstery fabric online but don’t want to break the bank? At Fabric Direct Online, we strive to keep our prices as affordable as possible. We currently have a massive sale on, which means you can save a fortune on upholstery fabric. We’ve slashed the prices in half – and then we’ve reduced them even more! So, you get the quality fabric you need, while paying bargain prices. 

Upholstery Fabric Online

Perfect For Multiple Uses

Our upholstery fabric can be used for so many different purposes. The sheer variety on offer means you’ll always find the perfect design or pattern for your requirements. We pride ourselves on keeping such a diverse stock, so everyone can find the fabric of their dreams. 


What can you use our upholstery fabric for? Well, here are a few suggestions that we recommend:


  • Extend the life of your furniture – do you have old furniture that’s looking a bit ragged and worn? It still feels comfortable, but it’s lost some of its old visual appeal. With upholstery fabric, you can breathe new life into old items. Use your fabric to improve the aesthetic appeal of your furniture and get some extra use out of it for many years to come. 


  • Renovate your home – sometimes, you need to upgrade your home and make it look a little bit better. Upholstery fabrics let you do just that! Look at your different upholstered pieces and think about how they can be improved. By adding a splash of colour or a new
  • pattern to the design, it could enhance the room the piece is in. You can do this with modern pieces as well – it’s a fun way to customise your property. 


  • Create your own furniture pieces – fancy yourself as a bit of a DIY whizz? If so, then you might like the idea of making your own furniture. From small chairs to large beds; the possibilities are endless when you have a creative mindset. Our upholstery fabrics can add the finishing touches to your creations. Give them a unique style that sets them apart from the rest.


No matter how you’ll use your fabrics, you must ensure they’re of the highest quality. By shopping with us, you get peace of mind that your upholstery is complimented by the best fabrics around. 


Why Choose Us?

When you buy from Fabric Direct Online, you get to enjoy the following: 


  • Samples for 99p – we understand that you need to see how something looks before you go ahead and buy metres of it. So, we offer 99p samples for our upholstery fabric. You can order as many as you like, try them out, then decide which one is perfect for you! 


  • Affordable prices – as we mentioned, our prices are some of the lowest around. Even when we don’t have a sale on, you’ll struggle to find more competitive pricing for upholstery fabrics in the UK. 


  • Free delivery – if you spend over £100 with us, you qualify for free delivery!


Order Your Upholstery Fabric Online Today

You won’t find a better diversity of upholstery fabrics anywhere else in the UK. Ordering with us is simple; add as many items to your cart as possible – make sure you choose your desired length beforehand! Then, you can head to the checkout, make your payment, and wait for delivery. If you want to enjoy the best prices, then take advantage of our sale Today!