Upholstery Fabric Beige Cream Chenille

£32.99 £11.99 per metre


Upholstery Fabric Beige Cream Chenille

£32.99 £11.99 per metre

This Beige Cream Chenille Upholstery Fabric is fire retardant and a perfect weight for upholstery. This fabric is ideal for sofas, foot stools, ottomans and so much more. A stunning textured beige chenille fabric. In a beautiful darker cream shade, this fabric is perfect for your upholstery needs.

Unsure on the colour or quality? Order a sample for 99p.

You can buy this fabric online and in-store from Hole in the Wall in Walsall Curtains Ltd., West Midlands.

We are unfortunately unable to provide certification for this product as it was purchased in bulk from a UK manufacturer and was already treated with a fire-retardant backing.

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Fabric Type: Upholstery
Colour: Cream
Width: 140cm
Pattern Repeat: N/A
Suitable For: Sofas, armchairs, foot stools, ottomans, cushions
Washing: We always recommend dry cleaning or washing a sample before you purchase.



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