The Beauty Of Fryett’s Fabrics

Fryett’s Fabrics has a range of beautiful curtain, upholstery, and PVC fabrics. With a collection of more than 2500, their designs range from contemporary to traditional and luxury collections. Fabric Direct sells a diverse selection of fabrics from their range, helping you to find the quality fabrics that you need for your interior projects. Make a new set of curtains, upholster your furniture, or make any home accessories that you can think of with the many different patterns and fabric types. Choose from checks, florals, animal prints, and many more, or just stick to solid colours for all of your decor needs.

Fryetts Quality

All Fryett’s Fabrics products are of excellent quality, from the sophisticated designs to the novelty prints. You can discover classic tartan patterns or explore the range of animal designs, including everything from leopards and tigers to pigs and sheep. Whether you want to create a cosy farmhouse look in your home or bring a touch of the exotic into a room, Fryett’s Fabrics has something for you. There are even some fun fabrics that are excellent for children’s bedrooms, nurseries, and playrooms. Each unique fabric can be used to create curtains, cushions, upholstery, and other interior items.

Take a look at the fantastic selection of colours you can find in the Fryett’s Fabrics collections. Choose something bright and bold or stick to more neutral colours that will blend together with anything. Their contemporary fabrics are modern in their design, but they’re sure to provide a timeless look for your home too. Discover the perfect fabric for your next project or just buy a few metres to add to your fabric stash, so you always have something fun to play with.

Fryett’s Fabrics products are made from a range of materials, including polypropylene, cotton, polyester, and fabric blends. Offering wide 140cm widths, a metre of these fabrics will get you far. Mix and match these fabrics with each other to create layers in your interiors or choose one feature fabric to focus on. With so much choice available, you can find the fabrics that work for you.

Samples Available

If you want to check the colour, quality, or any other aspect of our choice of Fryett’s Fabrics products, just order a sample. We’ll send you an approximately A5-sized sample for just 99p so that you can get an up-close look at what’s on offer and make a decision about purchasing. Prices range from £8.99 per metre to £29.99 per metre, with some excellent discounts to be found on sale and clearance items. Find the Fryett’s Fabrics materials that work for your budget and your next project.

Fryett’s Fabrics is based in Manchester, which has a long history of being connected to the textile industry. They continually develop new designs for their fabrics, providing inspiring ideas for their customers everywhere. They choose the best mills to work with to ensure their fabrics are always high-quality.

See our range of Fryett’s Fabrics products to find fabrics that you love for your interior projects.