Sewing For Children

Does your child want to sew?


Whether you’re an experienced sewing enthusiast yourself or a total novice, it’s a wonderful moment if your child shows an interest in craft sewing. Perhaps they want to create their own mini felt puppets, or maybe they aspire to create their own high-end fashion line one day! Whatever the motivation behind wanting to learn to sew, the skill is one that they can carry throughout their life, with plenty of benefits to enjoy along the way.

Sewing as a hobby

Many people begin sewing for a hobby and then realise that the skill offers a huge amount of scope. Whether making your own clothes or mastering upholstery projects, the scope for creative expression is endless. Even better, if you can master sewing, you can avoid having to pay over the odds for mass-produced items that you admire – knowing that you can make your own!

Sewing as a career

Dressmakers, couturier, milliners, textile artists, textile teachers… the variation of careers in this field is superb. The more experience and skill that you can gain through learning and practice, the better positioned you can be to enjoy a rewarding career in a creative field that you love.

Nurturing an interest in sewing

Keen to encourage your child’s passion now? Try these tips to grow your love of craft sewing together.

Watch and learn

If you are an experienced and enthusiastic seamstress or craft sewing hobbyist yourself, then it will be valuable for your child to simply watch and learn from you. Try some basic projects to get started, and focus on sewing by hand with a thick thread initially to teach the basic stitches, such as running, cross and blanket stitches. A little fabric purse made from cotton poplin or a felt flower could be a good beginner option here.

Sewing For Children

From hand to machine

As your child progresses and grows more confident, why not treat them to a mini sewing machine designed for younger users, and teach them the functions. Don’t choose a toy sewing machine, but find one that is well suited for beginners. We can offer you advice here for a purchase that will last the test of time.

Let them choose

Stimulate your child’s interest in fabrics, threads, embellishments, embroidery and all facets of craft sewing by encouraging them to choose their own fabrics and to develop their own sense of taste and style. Look at inspirational images together, get ideas from displays and look for pictures which spark creative thinking. These will all help to bring the craft to life. A word of advice though; steer beginners to simpler fabrics such as quilting cotton or fleece which are easier to work with. Alternatively, look for offcuts to keep your costs under control.

Have fun!

Buttons will be loose, stitches will be crooked and frustrations will occur! Don’t let your child get stressed and focus instead on having fun. Look for opportunities to make things easier for them too, such as by drawing stitching guidelines onto fabric and drawing pattern pieces onto cardboard rather than using flimsy tissue. They may also want to make the same thing again and again – so just let them!

Be patient

Learning a new skill is a time-consuming process for anyone. Spend time with your child and develop your skills together when you are both relaxed and have no other competing priorities. Show that you are learning too and enjoy precious time together as you pass on knowledge, swap ideas and enjoy the creative process and sense of satisfaction which comes from slowly mastering one of the oldest – and most rewarding – forms of craft on offer.

Don’t forget to share your successes with us either – tag us in your child’s creations on social media and show off their work!

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