Replace or Re-upholster?

Re-Upholstery Fabrics

To replace or reupholster your furniture is a dilemma that many of us face. You may have the perfect chair or piece in your home and feel strongly that it would be hard to get rid of it or change it. Many pieces have sentimental value, family history or a high antique value.

However, re-upholstery is always an option so you can keep your beloved furniture and still use it but ensure it’s more modern and up-to-date in appearance. It’s wise to think through your options and what to do before you make a final decision.

Consider the History & Condition

One question to ask yourself regarding your chair or sofa is, what is the history of it and behind it. Think about where you got the furniture and why it’s meaningful or not meaningful to you. Take into consideration the condition of the piece of furniture as well. For instance, you may not ever get rid of a bad smell or maybe it has a wooden frame you don’t like. If the chair or sofa spent time in the garage or basement then it might never look, feel, or smell like new.

Next Steps

If your furniture passes the history and condition tests then you can move on to consider if you should replace it or re-upholster it. Replacing furniture can get expensive and take up a lot of your time. You may even consider cleaning it to make it look better. However, there is no guarantee that your sofa or chair will be cleaned to your satisfaction or look much better in the end. Think about how much it’s going to cost to possibly have a result you’re not happy with. Therefore, your option and the best bet may be to look into re-upholstering.


Upholstery Fabrics

If you know how to re-upholster then it should definitely be a top consideration for you. For many, re-upholstering is a wonderful and rewarding hobby. There are fabrics you can buy online and then you can get to work on the furniture yourself. There are beautiful and elegant options to choose from so you can transform your pieces and make them look brand new. Upholstery can be very gratifying and help you to keep and hang onto furniture that is full of meaning and that you enjoy sitting on. You can make an old piece from grandma look incredibly modern and chic with new fabric and a little paint. Upholstery can help you extend the life of your furniture, make your home look better, and allow you to put your creativity to the test as you create your own unique pieces of furniture.


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