Ready For Prom Season 2020?

Prom Dress

With prom and graduation season 2020 rapidly approaching, if you are heading to your prom you will have no doubt started to imagine the whole occasion already. With proms being a once in a lifetime occasion, you will want it to be memorable and you will want to look a million dollars. Getting the right look is vital and you will want to look back on your prom with a smile for many years to come. 

Getting the right look will take careful planning and hard work, and this is no less true when it comes to having your own bespoke dress made. Whether you are looking for inspiration for someone else to make the dress on your behalf, or you are creating something dazzling on behalf of a prom goer, perfection is definitely the name of the game when it comes to prom dresses.  At here at Fabric Direct we stock everything you need for your perfect party dress, from the fabrics right through to all of the ornamentation, fastenings, ribbons, and more.

prom Dress

The Red Carpet Dress

The classic evening gowns look is one that offers sophistication and style while providing a figure-flattering shape that will make the wearer look absolutely stunning. Think about creating a very distinctive silhouette that hugs the lines of the body, a thigh-high slit, and some fine straps will create a time-honoured look worn by movie stars and prom queens alike. 

If the cut of this is not already dazzling enough to onlookers, think about adding sequin details to give this dress that extra bit of sparkle. 

The Ballgown

This is the night that all young princesses dream of, and a ballgown offers the chance to really look the part and be the belle of the ball. Think about creating a dress with a beautiful A-line silhouette but with a twist. Add in looks such as a lace-up back, floral applique, a sheer bodice and other delicate touches to ensure that the dress that you are creating is perfect from top to toe. With delicate straps and a v-line that flows through the bodice, this dress will be the ultimate choice in style and femininity. 

While the look may be quite classical and even very formal, there is no need to think that this cannot be a dress for the 2020s because this is a style that will catch the attention of onlookers during this year’s prom season. If you want to really catch people’s eyes, choose a red ballgown for your prom dress.

The Sequin Dress

Prom Dress

A prom promises glitz and glamour and what says those things more than a sequin dress?

Whatever the shape of the dress you are creating, adding sequins to the entire dress can give it a completely new look and feel. With lots of different types of sequin to choose from, you could create some vastly different looks. 

When you take your sequin dress out under the lights on the dancefloor, then it will really come into its element. A sequin dress begs to be seen and will catch the eyes of all around. 

If you are feeling extravagant, you could create some ornate patterns using different coloured sequins. 

The Mermaid Dress

A tight-fitting dress that follows the flow of the body until it reaches the knees, at which point it flares out dramatically. This dress is bold in style and will look great from every angle that it is looked at from. 

The Crop Top Prom Dress

One style of dress that promises to be big this prom season is the crop top prom dress. These two-piece dresses show a small amount of skin around the midriff and offer youthful styling. While it is possible to mix the colours between the top and bottom halves of this outfit, the monotone look promises to be the most elegant choice. 

Detail Is Everything

When it comes to creating a beautiful prom or graduation dress, don’t forget that the key to perfection is through the finer details. The most beautiful dress will have the little touches that you have to get close to see and appreciate. 

Prom Dress

Whatever overall design you choose to go for, the areas such as the fastenings, ribbons, and intricate stitching deserve every bit of your attention when it comes to making your dress. The finer details are the ones that will make the garment feel more precious and perfect. With all of the additional items needed to create that detailed perfection available to buy at Fabric Direct, we have everything on hand for the perfect prom dress.

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