Polyester Fabric

We stock rolls and rolls of polyester fabric that is perfect for dressmaking, shirts, blouses, suits, underwear and more. Polyester is one of the world’s most popular textiles because of its quality and cost effectiveness.

We have a wide selection of superb fabrics that come in modern and traditional styles from some of the leading fabric design houses and the fabric we list on this site is kept in stock. So please browse through our variety of polyester fabric with a great choice of colours, plains and patterns all at bargain prices!

Polyester Fabric By The Metre

Each fabric is available by the metre (does not include roll ends) and most have samples available. Ordering is easy and, if you’re new here and love working with fabrics then join our FREE mailing list for all the latest news and offers. Enjoy browsing and please get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

Polyester fabrics available now.

Polyester is super popular among dressmakers and is widely used in clothing manufacture. Inexpensive, great quality and easy to work with. Our polyester fabric comes in a huge spectrum of colours and patterns for to choose from.

Fabric Direct Online is one of only a few UK fabric retailers that also has physical stores (our fabric superstores are based in the West Midlands). Plus we only list the fabric that we have in stock, our huge stock rooms and shop floors are always full to the brim of the latest fabrics and the traditional favourites.