Pink Curtain Fabric

We offer perhaps the most extensive selection of pink curtain fabric in the country. Our selection of both modest and vibrant designs adds elegance and atmosphere to any room. A mix of plain and patterned options are available at Fabrics Direct Online. Pink-shaded curtains in our collection run the gamut from fuchsia to punch, rouge, strawberry, coral, rosewood, blush, magenta and bubblegum.

We also offer subtler shades, including flamingo, lemonade and crepe. We pride ourselves on the incredible quality of our curtains and supply fabrics from the most revered curtain brands in the world. Those looking for a neutral aesthetic should investigate Azurite Blush and Azurite Coral from ILIV, while those seeking rich patterns should consider Bloom August Brights or Botanical Summer from Belfield Home.

Pink Curtain Fabric By The Metre

Each pink fabric is available by the metre and most have samples available. Ordering is easy and, if you’re new here and love working with fabrics then join our FREE mailing list for all the latest news and offers. Enjoy browsing and please get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

Fabrics by the metre or as a made to measure option.

The huge choice of pinks here at Fabric Direct Online will delight all fabric lovers. Pink is such a vibrant colour to work with due to all of the variations. You can order your fabric in metre lengths or simply pick your fabric, send us your measurements and we’ll make your curtains for you.

Fabric Direct Online is one of only a few UK fabric retailers that also has physical stores (our fabric superstores are based in the West Midlands). Plus we only list the fabric that we have in stock, our huge stock rooms and shop floors are always full to the brim of the latest fabrics and the traditional favourites.

Is pink better as a plain or patterned curtain?

That will depend on the design of the whole room. If your room is designed with lots of contrast then a plain pink will work. But if the room is generally plain then a patterned curtain will provide a lasting contrast.

Are pink curtains only for girl’s bedrooms?

Not at all. Today’s variations on shades of pink plus patterns and designs that use subtle amounts of pink means that there will be a perfect fabric for any room.

Can pink curtains be made to measure?

Yes, definitely. Our made to measure service can make curtains to almost any size using any colour, design, printed or patterned fabric that you can find on our site (excludes roll ends).