New Year, New Curtains


The new year makes us want to change things about our lives, and one area that we may often benefit from some changes is in the home. We spend a lot of our time inside our homes and often, we are unable to tell how much the way our decor makes us feel a certain way. 

This new year, why not start by looking at your home and giving it a bit of a makeover? One area that you could focus your attention on and make quite a big difference is in your curtains. 

Often, we overlook curtains and they have a tendency to become something of an afterthought. But when you think that your windows are the way which natural light comes into your property, how you frame that light, and the amount that you allow it can really make a difference to the look and feel of your home. 

Here are some ways that you change the curtains in your home to give it a completely new feel. 

A Heavy Curtain For A Cosy Home

In the bleak winter months, we may often feel drabber than ever. The bitter weather may have taken away much of your sunshine, and left you feeling as grey as the clouds outside. If you want to keep the warmth in your home and create a very cosy feeling that blocks out the nasty wind and rain, think about getting some heavier curtains. Think about getting these lined to add some extra insulation. 

Warm rich colours like a dark red could help make winter feel lovely. Coming home to a well-made set of curtains that adds drama and style to your living room will become appealing and you can look forward to cosy nights in with a hot chocolate and a movie. 

Go With Something Light

On the flip side, you could go in the opposite direction and choose a set of curtains in a light colour made from light curtain fabric such as cotton. When light is in scare supply during these cold and bleak winter months, you may need to look at ways of getting as much light into your home as possible. The lighter your curtain, the easier it will be to do this. 

Brightening up your living space could make you feel a lot better about things and help you get motivated in life. With many people struggling with a lack of natural light during the winter months, bringing in as much as you can do will be very beneficial. 

Grey Curtains

Going Grey May Not Be So Bad

If you want an option that will work all year round, proving a great deal of warmth in the winter, while letting the light in on a summers day, you may want to think about going for grey curtains. Be sure and use a liner on these and this will ensure you get maximum coverage on your windows during the night time so that unwanted light does not seep in. It is dark enough that it will provide a cosy feel, but when your curtains are wide open, the grey will not steal your light away. 

Switch Things Up 

Of course, the best thing about curtains is that you don’t just have to have one pair. You can switch things up whenever you like. Curtains are easily swapped, and you can do this on a seasonal basis. Why not get yourself a set of made to measure curtains for each season?

Choose Some Interesting Patterns

Why not make your home a lot more interesting. One of the areas that it is very easy to add your own sense of style is in your curtains. Go for some patterns that are a little bit out there and really let your personality stand out. When you are feeling a little bit blue, the designs may well give you a lift and make you feel better about the world. 

Opting for a geometric design may add a bit of a dynamic flair to your room and make the dimensions feel totally different. Why not make your curtains and window into a focal point in your home?

Choose A Calming Colour

When we need to change our homes to make us feel less stressed, choosing a calming colour such as a pastel shade may be the way forward. Our moods can often be influenced by the colours of the world around us, and changing the colours of your curtains may be a good place to start when it comes to changing this in your home.

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