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A huge collection of net curtains online for practicality, for privacy or for decor. The perfect way to complete your window and curtain design.

Next time you need your nets replacing, why not buy net curtains online? An important aid to privacy as well as the perfect backdrop to showcase the rest of your window dressing, net curtains have been a mainstay window covering for decades. Unfortunately, even with regular washing, over time they can lose the pristine whiteness which is essential if a net is going to look good. If it’s time to give your windows a makeover with fresh nets, products from our large selection could be the ideal solution.

Timeless And Traditional Net Curtains

A fresh pattern or some added texture in your nets can really make a difference to the overall appearance of your window. We offer a great selection of net curtains, including floral designs, abstract options and plain net. When you buy net curtains online with us, you can be confident of finding a material that’s exactly right for your home. Because you can buy material in smaller amounts, net wastage is minimised. Whether you want to buy net curtains online for every room in your home, or have a single window that could do with a lift, fresh nets could be the answer.

Net curtains – an economical window makeover

One of the advantages of fresh nets is that they can make your window look completely different for a very modest cost. Particularly if you want your frontage to look as good as it can, or are planning to sell and want prospective buyers to gain a favourable impression, new net curtains could work really well. Our nets are all made by leading manufacturers, ensuring you end up with curtains that don’t just look good, but which can also be washed without any ill-effects and which are durable enough to give years of good service.

Buy net curtains online from us at discounted prices

Although many people are used to making long, tiresome treks to their local net curtain shop to get the supplies they need, you can enjoy hassle-free, fast shopping from the convenience of your home when you use us to buy your net curtain material. We have choices that are suitable for kitchen nets and bathroom net curtains, as well as fabrics which would look great in the living room or bedroom. Our team are on hand to help and we are happy to answer any questions you may have on our stock, delivery or anything else.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are Net Curtains For?

Privacy without having to draw your main curtains. They let the daylight into your room but prevent passers by from seeing in. Net curtains are also often used for decorative purposes.

How Do I Measure For Net Curtains?

You will need to make two measurements on your window. If you already have a net curtain wire or rod installed then measure the drop from the wire to where you want the curtain to end. If not, then measure from the top of the frame (not the glass) down to the cill. You would normally order double the width, this will enable you to achieve the desired ‘bunching’ effect.

What’s The Best Fabric For Net Curtains?

Voile, Lace, Nylon, Eyelet Cotton, Muslin, Gauze. All of which have different textures, weights and density (so will affect how much light is let in).

How Often Should I Wash My Net Curtains?

Each type of fabric will have it’s own care instructions. We would suggest that your net curtains are gently every three to six months.

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