Measuring Guide for Pelmets

Measuring For Pelmets

Measuring Guide for Pelmets



The pelmet track or pelmet board must be fitted before the measurements are taken. Pelmet tracks need to clear the curtain track. Please allow a minimum of 15.2cm (6”) on either side.
We would recommend that the depth of the pelmet track (B) should be at least 10cm (4”) deep. We recommend 15.2cm (6”). This is to ensure that when the curtains are drawn back, they do not push against the pelmet.

Pelmet boards can be supported by using right angled brackets along the length. We recommend pelmet boards are used as opposed to pelmet tracks, as they are more rigid. Velcro and/or staples etc. can easily be used to achieve a number of pelmet treatments.



Extended pelmet track:

When using an extended pelmet track add the measurements A, B and C together to get the total width measurement.


The drop measurement for your pelmet will be calculated for you in proportion to the length of your curtains.


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