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Custom Made Curtains

Made to measure curtains are made to fit the precise shape and size of your windows and surrounding frame. The idea is to create a window dressing that looks as if it was meant to be there, blending into your room, not bolted on after the fact. 

Not all curtains, however, are made-to-measure. Some are just standard fittings that come prepackaged. In that sense, they’re a bit like a dress that you buy off the shelf, not one tailored to your body.

As you might expect, made-to-measure curtains offer a host of benefits over their generic counterparts. Here’s why going bespoke with your drapes is always best.

You Can Choose Your Own Curtain Fabric

Sometimes you find a curtain fabric you like, but it’s not compatible with the heading, valance or pelmet you want, or the other way around. Often you have to make a choice: either go with the material you like and put up with a heading you don’t or choose the heading you want, but miss out on the fabric. Generic curtains force you to make tough decisions.

With bespoke curtains, considerations like those disappear. You can choose any fabric you like and pair it with any heading style. Pinch with eyelet, double pinch pleat, triple pinch pleat: the choice is yours. Curtain makers can craft curtains that reflect your style and capture the unique atmosphere of your home in a way that off-the-shelf varieties simply can’t. 

Personalise Your Interiors

Sometimes it can be challenging to find the fabrics you want for your home among ready-made options. Often, homeowners have to make do with neutral curtains because there’s nothing out there that captures the spirit of their interior themes. 

Again, this isn’t the case with made-to-measure curtains. By going bespoke, you can choose all kinds of exciting fabrics, from floral to damask, and create designs that you couldn’t otherwise. 

Made To Measure Curtains

Fit Non-Standard Windows

Mainstream curtain manufacturers create curtains for the average window. But what if you don’t have an average window? If you go down the off-the-shelf route, you’re in trouble. 

Fitting non-standard windows is the most useful application of bespoke curtains. You can make curtains that match the tiniest cloakroom window, or the largest bay windows. Again, you’re free to play with fabrics of differing design and texture, letting you find something that genuinely complements your interior style. 

Get More Functionality

Functionality isn’t necessarily a unique advantage of made-to-measure over off-the-shelf, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of it anyway. 

By going bespoke, you can get fabric for curtains that offers a host of quality of life improvements, like reflecting incoming solar radiation to keep your interiors fresh in the summer, or blocking out pesky street lights at night. 

The main types of functional curtains are blackout, interlining, thermal and acoustic. Perhaps the most interesting made-to-measure curtains are those that use unique fabrics that block noise, making your home quieter and helping you to avoid disturbing the neighbours. 

Here at Fabrics Direct Online, we offer a range of made-to-measure curtain-making options. Be sure you check them out.

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