Fun, fashion and financial gains behind UK sewing boom

learning To sew

Learning To Sew


The UK has entered a new era of home sewing.

People of all ages are embracing the way in which learning to sew can save you money. But new generations are also finding that making your own clothes is fun; and a great way to make your own personal fashion statement!


Reassuring return to basics


The increase in home sewing is also tied to the fact that anything “retro” is now trending. The British are finding great comfort in all things nostalgic, authentic and creative. And that includes classic home crafts.

It’s why so many people have turned back to home cooking too, spurred on by many popular television programmes and a new passion for all things cake related!

Making your own clothes is just as fun as baking, but far healthier.



Easier than ever


New interest in traditional hobbies such as sewing has stimulated a sizeable upsurge in sales of patterns and equipment for amateur dressmaking.

Modern machines – and of course the fabulous tutorials available on YouTube – have made home sewing far easier than ever before, too.

It is not surprising then, that the Craft & Hobby Trade Association reported that over one million people (men and women) took up sewing for fun in the three years to 2017.

This means there are around eight million British people who include home “dressmaking” in their interests. (source:


Your fashion tastes, at the right price


Some of this new passion for DIY clothes is a reaction to the era of austerity of course. Home dressmaking offers an opportunity to get new clothing for a fraction of the price you might pay in store.

But it’s more than just money that is driving new generations back to sewing machines.

There’s a growing realisation that home sewing is the best way to have custom fitting clothing that matches your body size, preferences and tastes. Why look like everyone else, when you can make your own clothes?


Social and convenient


Classes for people who want to learn to sew are springing up across the UK, from rural community centres to city-centre adult learning centres. “Knit and natter” groups are being augmented by “Sew and Chat” groups, making home dressmaking a social opportunity too!

As there is such a large amount of new interest in home sewing, the internet has responded with masses of great ideas, inspiration and patterns.

The internet has also helped to stimulate and support this new home sewing trend by offering wonderful ranges of fabrics and haberdashery – all delivered straight to your door. Even the busiest sewing fans can shop for everything they need, around the clock from any location.

And for many, part of the joy is being able to select from the latest, most creative fabrics, at the touch of a button.

Sew…if you want to join the nation’s growing army of home dressmakers, browse the Fabrics Direct Online range and…….

get going, with sewing!

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