Krafty Kids Birthdays!

Kids’ birthdays are always a special occasion. As we get older, birthdays seem to lose some of their sparkle and some of their importance and allure. So, it makes sense to take advantage of your kid’s birthdays when they happen! After all, the time will come when they no longer want you to organise their birthday parties. 

You can try so many things when throwing a birthday party, but it’s always nice to get a little bit creative. With that in mind, here are a few ideas that highlight the creative side of kid’s parties, and show you how to make the next party more unique:

Make your own presents

An excellent way to make a birthday more creative is to create the presents yourself. Obviously, your child will have a few things that they’re hoping you get them. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few of your own creations. You can use craft fabrics to design clothes or toys that are made specifically for your child. It’s incredibly creative, but also very personal. They end up with something nobody else has – it’s unique! 

Set up an arts & crafts station

Who says you need to be the only creative person at this party? An arts & crafts station is the perfect way to get the whole guestlist excited about a fun activity. Kids love to let their creative juices flow, and you can get plenty of craft fabrics and materials to satisfy their cravings. Set up tables where your child and their friends can create different things all by themselves. This might mean making clothes, designing their own little picture frames, creating funny masks; the opportunities are endless. It keeps everyone occupied, and ensures that all the children are in one place and easy for you to look after!

Use craft fabrics for decorations

The best thing about kids parties is that they’re usually themed. So, this means you need to get some fantastic decorations for the event. You could buy them, or you could purchase craft fabrics and use them to make decorations. There are fabrics with famous comic book characters on them, animals; you name it. They can be cut and styled to hang from the walls or draped over tables, adding to the theme of the party. By being a little bit creative, you can transform a birthday party into something incredible. Your child will love the unique theme, and all the other kids will be amazed too. Plus, it gives you an excuse to set a dress code, meaning all the kids have to dress up in cute outfits. 

Or, if you really want to be creative, use craft fabrics to make outfits at the party! 

You see, kid’s birthdays can have a serious creative side to them. If your child has a birthday on the horizon, then we can help you out. Check out our online catalogue to see the selection of craft fabrics we have on offer. They come in different designs, but each one is perfect for a kid’s birthday party.

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