Introducing The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge

If like us you have spent lockdown binge watching interior design programmes and are feeling inspired to revamp your home, we have a treat in store for you.

Belfield Home has collaborated with Angel Strawbridge to bring us a collection of fabrics inspired by life inside and outside of the Chateau de la Motte Husson as seen on Channel 4’s popular show, Escape to the Chateau.

10 Stunning Fabrics

We are excited to bring you 10 stunning fabrics from The Chateau collection including Nouveau, Potagerie, The Lily Garden, A Woodland Trail and Wallpaper Museum.

Each of these fabrics takes inspiration from life in and around the Chateau. From the wildlife outside to vintage wallpapers discovered in the attic, this collection tells a story of the hidden treasures and enchanting grounds of Angel’s fairy tale home. 

Nouveau Heron is a beautiful art deco design inspired by a stunning heron who frequents the Chateau. With its cream and natural colourway, this fabric provides a subtle yet quirky touch to your home.

The Potagerie fabric comes in two colourways, cream and linen. Its earthy design is inspired by a walled garden at the Chateau it makes us feel like we are exploring through the wildlife and flower beds inside.

The Lily Garden is a stunning fabric filled with Lily Pads and the beautiful flowers they produce. This fabric also comes in two colours, cream and eu de nil. A tranquil fabric that will have you dreaming of sunny afternoons.

A woodland trail is inspired by the forage and fauna that surrounds the Chateau de la Motte Husson. A beautiful symmetrical and autumnal design to create a cosy feel adding warmth to your home.

Wallpaper Museum and Nouveau Wallpaper are 2 beautiful multi-design fabrics inspired by vintage wallpapers found in the attic of the Chateau. The intricate diamond shape that Angel created with the wallpaper has been printed onto a 100% cotton background.

So if you’re looking for art deco elegance and prints inspired by florals and foliage, there is something for you in this collection. 

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