How To Measure For Blinds

How To Measure For Blinds

You can fit your blind either inside or outside the window recess, when deciding which you prefer it is important to remember that the outside recess fitting is preferred when;

• the recess is less than 7.5cm (3”) deep

• it is an inward opening window

• where the window width or height varies by more than 2cm (3/4”) (more usual in older houses)

Measuring the Inside Recess

You will need to measure the window recess in at least 3 different positions to find the smallest measurement for both the height and the width, allowing for any changes such as tiling or dado rails


How to measure for blinds

Measuring the Outside Recess

You will need to add at least for 15.2cm (6”) to the height and the width of the window recess.


how to measure for blind fitting

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