How To Make Face Coverings

With guidance on wearing face coverings in public when in small areas such as shops and public transport, we have popped together a little tutorial to make them at home

How To Make Face Coverings


  • cotton fabric
  • flat elastic
  • tape measure
  • fabric scissors
  • pins

With right sides facing, fold your quarter metre into 9 inch by 7 inch rectangles and cut.

Take two pieces with right sides still facing and stitch long edge top and bottom seams together and turn inside out.

Press and iron seems flat.

Fold in half, press and fold edges into centre fold and press again.

Measuring half an inch, fold and press pleats upwards.

Measure and cut two 7 inch pieces of elastic per mask.

Fold over pleated edges and press. Pin elastic at the top and bottom as you pin pleats in place.

From edge to seam allowance, backstitch across elastic then at seam allowance measurement turn and straight stitch pleats down. Repeat first step at the bottom to secure plastic in place.