How to Make an England Flag

How To Make An England Flag

England have beaten Germany! And hanging up an England flag is the perfect way to show your support for the team during the quarter finals of Euro 2020 (and beyond?). The tournament is better late than never, and it’s never too late to show your support. But if you don’t want to buy a flag and would rather get the kids involved in making your own England flag then here’s a quick guide to creating a simple but beautiful St George’s cross.

Get the Right Fabric

First, you’re going to need some white fabric and red fabric. Before you buy your fabric (or dig it out of your fabric stash), decide how big you want your flag to be. You will then be able to work out how much fabric you need to get.

What sort of fabric should you use? Anything could be used, although you should choose something that’s easy to sew with. A simple craft cotton or polycotton could be the right choice.

Draw Your Pattern

You need to draw out your pattern so you can cut out your fabric pieces. If you want the cross on both sides, you will want four white pieces and at least two red pieces to create the cross. Or you can use one white rectangle and applique the cross onto one or both sides.

Sew Your Flag

Once you’ve drawn your pattern and cut it out, you can cut out your fabric and get sewing. If you don’t have a machine, sewing by hand is fine, although a bit slower. If you applique the cross onto the white background, press the seams of the red strips under so you can get a super neat finish.

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