How Harry Potter Fabrics Have Taken The Cos Play World By Storm

Harry Potter has taken the Cosplay world by storm and at Fabrics Direct we have welcomed plenty of customers looking to become the next Harry, Hermione, Voldemort or even a deadly mandrake.

What is Cosplay?

But what is Cosplay exactly? Our team had to get up to speed fast when we noticed the trend hitting the mainstream! Cosplay is short for ‘costume play’ and it’s essentially a form of performance art. Participants dress up as their favourite characters from books, films, video games or popular culture, and often gather at meets to share their passion. 

Cosplay originated in Japan where it has been typically associated with Anime characters, but the movement has now broadened to encompass all types of popular media genre. And what could be more popular – and enduring – than the Harry Potter series? Since the world-famous series of books was first launched in 1997, the young wizard and his exploits have inspired creatives of all ages.

Finding inspiration

Thinking of trying out a Hogwarts theme for a Cosplay meet or party? You’ll find plenty of Harry Potter inspiration online. Whatever your level of skill and ambition, it will be possible to create a fantastic outfit. Pinterest is a great starting point for ideas, but you’ll also find plenty of fan blogs too.

Hermione Grainger

This is a great beginner costume because the basics are simply a school uniform. Get your white shirt and grey school skirt in place and then find a pattern for the robe. You’ll need to use a black suiting fabric and then line it with a burgundy coloured polyester. Head to our haberdashery department for a school crest applique, or make your own Gryffindor Patch with felt pieces. Don’t forget to find a suitable stick for the wand and black tights to finish the look.

Harry Potter knit basics

If you prefer knitting to stitching, then a Harry Potter scarf and a few simple accessories are ideal for little Cosplay fans. Find a pattern for a basic stripe oversize scarf in the Hogwarts school colours, and accessorize with black round glasses (just knock out the plastic from a party supply pair) and a lightning bolt illustration in black eyeliner. This looks very cute on babies and toddlers!


Arguably the best veteran wizard in literature, aspiring Dumbledores need to find a robe pattern and then customise it with the appropriate gold edging and a fine beard! Try a beard with a base of batting and either felt or a white webbing to create volume. Sew the beard into the hat to secure it in place. Don’t forget a gold tassel for the top of Dumbledore’s cap!

Golden Snitch

The smallest and rarest ball in Quidditch can be fashioned with a gold mini dress and a pair of beautiful and ornate tiny gold wings. Find a pattern for a gold spaghetti strap dance dress or make a gold lame skirt to pair with a gold leotard. The wings can be made with artificial ferns that are trimmed to size and sprayed with gold.

Luna Lovegood

Everyone loves this newer character in the series, and Luna Lovegood certainly has a great wardrobe. Find a fitted jacket pattern to recreate her Chanel inspired pink tweet fitted short jacket and pair it with a frilled tier ra-ra skirt in a light floral print. You’ll find a template for her iconic handprint spectacles online and you can buy a long white blonde wig from a party supplies store. Don’t forget to print off a copy of the Quidditch Times to finish off her look.

Secure your costume supplies!

Some of our customers begin with ready-made fancy dress costumes and then embellish them for a finer touch. Others prefer to make something that is designed to fit them perfectly and which is made to be worn time and time again. Whatever your ambition, we have the patterns, fabrics, haberdashery items and sewing machines that you need.

You’ll find thousands of fabrics on sale by the metre at Fabric Direct, alongside a vast range of haberdashery threads, edgings, buttons, beads and embellishments. Look out for our patterns and sewing machines too. Whether you shop in-store at our huge fabric warehouse or buy online, you’ll love the low prices on our high-quality products. Even better, we dispatch our orders on the same day, so that you can receive your Cos Play project materials without delay.

Here to help

Need any help? Our team are all passionate about sewing, craft and dressmaking and we can help you to select the right materials that you need to create your dream Harry Potter Cosplay outfit. Simply get in touch to tell us your vision and we will be delighted to help. Remember to sign up to our social media feeds for the latest tutorials, special offers, news and inspiration.

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