Hole in the Wall Makes an Appearance at the Walsall Art Gallery…

Our very own Martin Silvester is famous! Yes, the rumours are true, our Stock Controller extraordinaire has been featured in Mark Power’s Black Country Stories – a photography exhibition currently taking place at the New Art Gallery in Walsall.

Mark Power is using his Black Country Stories exhibition to display a series of urban landscapes created in response to his own experiences of the Black Country. Mark goes on to explain that the photographs aim is to “reveal the splendour of the forgotten and the everyday, where a quiet yet simmering beauty begins to emerge.”

Mark Power's Photograph of Hole in the Wall Curtains

Here’s Martin in his moment of glory… A real natural!

Excitingly, Mark Power has chosen to use our Hole in the Wall Curtains store in Walsall as one of his chosen landscapes, and (arguably) more importantly, the photograph also features Martin’s back! Obviously Martin is claiming that he is the beauty in the midst of the everyday… But we’ll let you make your own mind up!

As you will see when you visit our Hole in the Wall Curtains store in Walsall, the signage has now been re-painted and continues to be a focal point for the store exterior. The photograph also shows a glimpse of the Hole in the Wall mural that was commissioned in 2007, this famous piece of art is just another reason that makes visiting Hole in the Wall Curtains a unique experience.

For more information about our Hole in the Wall Curtains store in Walsall please feel free to contact our team on 01922 631512. Oh, and autographs from Martin are available upon request…

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