Grey Curtain Fabric

Grey is a colour that evokes sophistication and is very ‘on trend’: the tone makes your home appear instantly more exclusive and luxurious. Plus, it is one of the most versatile colours for drapes on the market: you can pair it with almost anything.

At Fabric Direct Online, we offer a large collection of grey curtain fabric, offering plain and patterned options. Some fabrics contain touches of grey combined with other colours, while others are grey throughout. Options include the Ashbury Slate from ILIV, or Balmoral Dove from Porter & Stone. Available shades run from shadow to graphite to cloud, silver, flind, coin, lead and fossil. Made-to-measure options are also available upon request.

Grey Curtain Fabric By The Metre

Each grey fabric is available by the metre and most have samples available. Ordering is easy and, if you’re new here and love working with fabrics then join our FREE mailing list for all the latest news and offers. Enjoy browsing and please get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

Fabrics by the metre or as a made to measure option.

Stunning grey curtain fabrics to bring modern, stylish and exclusive looks to any room around your home and provide the perfect compliment to your interior design. Available patterned or plain and sold by the metre or as made to measure curtains. Here at Fabric Direct Online we stock grey fabrics from some of the biggest design houses. From the very light greys through to deep charcoals, we have a huge array of shades. Ashbury Smoke from ILIV is very popular along with the beautiful Ashton Pewter from Belfield.

Fabric Direct Online is one of only a few UK fabric retailers that also has physical stores (our fabric superstores are based in the West Midlands). Plus we only list the fabric that we have in stock, our huge stock rooms and shop floors are always full to the brim of the latest fabrics and the traditional favourites.