Give loved furniture a new lease of life.

Upholstery Fabrics

Why throw away your old sofas and chairs?

The trend for recycling means that we are all looking for ways to breathe fresh life into preloved items. From old clothes to family heirlooms, the advantages of recycling go far beyond saving the planet.

Many of our customers have already developed a passion for refurbishing old and antique furniture, and the pastime is a really wonderful one. By giving your old furniture a fresh lease of life you can:

– Help to save the planet by reducing landfill
– Save money by enjoying quality pieces for longer
– Create unique furniture with new upholstery
– See your own creative vision realised in a way that is rarely possible with mass-produced furniture
– Develop your own skills through a highly-rewarding creative outlet.

How to get started

Furniture refurbishment is a fascinating and rewarding hobby and best learned in a hands-on environment. Many local colleges and training providers offer upholstery courses which allow you to gain the skills that you need, whilst working with the necessary tools and techniques.

This also gives you the chance to decide which tools and materials you might want to invest in yourself and avoids expensive mistakes! Once you’ve had a chance to see the basics in action, you will also find plenty of excellent tutorials online which can be very useful indeed.

Upholstery Fabrics

Some tips for better furniture upholstery

– Choose your furniture pieces carefully

If you are going to invest time and resources into upgrading a piece of furniture, you want to make sure it’s an item you’d love to see in your home for years to come.

– Build a toolkit

Take your time to create an upholstery toolkit that works for your needs and preferences. Some essentials include a staple gun (and staples!), fabric scissors, webbing, seat pads and foam and cutters.

– Pick the right fabrics

Upholstery projects require hard-wearing fabrics that tend to have no stretch. You’ll find a huge range of suitable fabrics in every pattern and colour available at Fabric Direct, from cotton and velvet through to acrylic, polyester and other man-made blends. Think about your interior decor, trends and preferences to find what you need – and see inspiration in our online Aladdin’s cave!

– Start simple

Start with a small stool or a similarly easy project as you try out your new skills and take your time. Patience spent at the start of your project will give you the results that you want, and help you to learn gradually and in a sustainable way. There’s nothing worse than beginning with an over-ambitious project and losing heart midway!

– Remember those finishing touches

In the same way that a simple dress can be made divine with the right embellishments, the finishing touches can transform your upholstery projects. Look at our range of buttons, edgings, trims, sequins and other items for inspiration.

Here to help

We have a superb range of upholstery fabrics on sale in our online store, with every colour and fabric available to suit all needs, budgets and projects. If you are new to furniture reupholstery, our experienced team can also help you to find the perfect fabric and the accessories that you need. Just contact us for advice and we’ll be delighted to help.

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