Curtains….on trend.

When you’re putting together your perfect home, every detail matters. From the beautiful aromas of the candles on the fireplace to the luxurious throws on the sofa, there are many finishing touches that make a house a cosy and welcoming home. When the winter comes around, we especially can’t get enough of those stunning decor ideas that have us rushing home from work to get comfortable in our living rooms.

One thing that a) keeps in all of the warmth of your home, and b) allows you to complement your existing decor is curtains. Few of us can say that closing those beautiful made to measure curtains of an evening doesn’t make us feel like we’re super cosy, and able to enjoy some privacy (read: putting on our Christmas pyjamas without judgment from the neighbours). But how can curtains add to your home style?

In keeping with the walls

If your decor trend is based upon using a similar colour scheme throughout your room (or even your home), then made to measure curtains that have the same colour scheme as your walls can really make a space look vibrant. The general rule here is to have patterned curtains if your walls are only one tone, or one-tone curtains if your wallpaper is floral or has any other distinct design. No matter what trend you pick, think about keeping a consistent colour scheme.

An example of this is Sophie Hinchliffe’s nursery style, with its baby blue polka dot wallpaper and bold one-colour statement curtains, which really serve as a focal point for the room. One way that you can use your made to measure curtains to your advantage, then, is to run with your colour choices, and see whether your wallpaper-curtain combo can set your room off with the vibrancy and uniqueness that you’re looking for.

Neutral and classy

Whilst your curtains do complement your decor choices in many ways, they don’t need to be the centre of attention in every room. Perhaps you have a fireplace that you want to make a focal point in your space, or maybe your grandiose bed gets all of the attention in your bedroom. Whatever it is that you’d prefer to focus on, your curtains can still look luxurious whilst fading into the background a little.

As you can see in House To Home At Last’s living room decor, the classy grey curtains don’t overpower the room, but they still look high-end and complement the existing furniture and decoration. Just remember that you don’t always need to make a statement with your made to measure curtains; in fact, you can just add to the look that you’re creating with all of the other elements of a space, and still create a stunning room.

Bold focal points

If you would prefer to use your curtains to make a statement in one of your rooms, you can go for a bold colour that hasn’t been used elsewhere. Stay with us on this one, because we know that it’s a pretty daring decor move. However, it really can liven up a room perfectly if you get it right, and there are many ways to pull this off (and make your home look like it’s been put together by an interior designer!).

For example, if you have grey furniture in your living room and neutral decor, then you can get rid of the feeling of blandness by opting for some bold made to measure curtains, with striped or patterned materials. Think outside of the box here, and try to imagine what these curtains will look like against your existing furniture. Taking a sample piece of fabric into your home to check out how the colours work together could help you to smash your decor with something unique.

Tie backs or no tie backs?

Another way that you can get your curtains to complement your on-trend decor is deciding whether you want to utilise tie backs or not. You could be one of those people who goes for huge statement tassels, for example, which really works well if you’re following a vintage trend when it comes to your interior design. Think about this in depth; you can even use bold tie backs to create a two-tone look with your curtains if you’re thinking about using them as a focal point.

However, if you’re looking for a more casual vibe, then going tie back free could be an option for you. The great thing about made to measure curtains is that they are totally designed for you, meaning that you can create the look that you want. For example, if you’ve chosen more natural, flowing curtains that are supposed to look a little rustic and casual, then you can simply pull them back (and avoid tie backs) to make your room look perfect.

Drop and width

If you’re a decor queen and you’re not afraid to admit it, then you’ve probably seen the on-trend floor-to-ceiling curtains. For example, The Gray Home’s dressing room curtains are longer than the wall itself, meaning that they sit on the floor and give a fairy-castle like feel. Whether your curtains cover the entire wall, just the windows themselves, or they make a real statement by being even longer, it’s worth thinking about the drop!

Another thing to consider is the width – or the gather – and this will, of course, affect how your curtains look. When you pull them shut you’ll either have a little bit of gather remaining, or they will be pulled straight and won’t leave much room to be bunched up in this way. Again, this is all down to personal preference and how you want your made to measure curtains to look in your room. Statement curtains may have more of a gather!

So…If you’re looking for some on-trend curtains (that nevertheless stand the test of time) then keep these things in mind. Curtains can make or break a room, and you don’t want to find that yours just don’t look quite right. Good luck finding your perfect made to measure curtains, and enjoy cosying up in your beautiful home this winter!

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