Curtain Trends 2020

Curtain Trends 2020

When it comes to decorating your home there can be one area of the room that we often put to the back of our minds. We can focus a lot of attention on the decor and the furniture, the colour schemes and what we put on the walls, but what about the eyes of any room, the window? Curtains are often one of those last minute thoughts or purchase, but they can enhance any room by simply paying close attention to what you hand over them. Often simply making this one change can enhance the appearance of any room instantly. Without the need for spending huge amounts of money. With that in mind, as we approach a new year, here are some of the curtain trends you are likely to see in 2020. 

White curtains making a comeback

White is one colour that simply never goes out of fashion, and when it comes to the home interior side of things, it can often be a great colour of choice. That is because so many people are choosing to be a little more vibrant and extravagant when it comes to the colour of their walls. Bright wallpaper and patterns, or big features with bright colours, which often means that a white curtain can tie the whole thing together and add a bit of balance to the room. It is also a great option if you still want to get some natural light into the area, as well as making a room feel larger. 

Could black curtains be your thing in 2020?

On the other side of things, you may want to consider a dark curtain, and there is nothing quite as dark as going black. This works specifically well with the interior monochrome trend that is still making waves in the home decor world. White walls are also just as popular as people going for something vibrant and colourful, so black can add a real dimension to a room. This trend of curtain along with thicker curtain fabrics can often work well in the bedroom and help to make the room feel darker and cosier at night. 

Patterned curtains can add dimension to a room

Sometimes neutral tones on the walls means that you want something that can be a feature. There is a lot of focus on interior decor where you can make the windows a feature of a room instead of focusing on one wall. This is when patterned curtains can be a great way to make this feature and is certainly going to be making a trend in 2020. You could opt for some symmetrical patterns, something a little more vintage and even consider a floral ensemble. A patterned curtain can work well in many different rooms. 

Fifty shades of grey is still a roaring trend

There is no denying that the interior trend that is every shade of grey is not going away any time soon, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that grey is also going to be popular when it comes to curtain colours and options. A grey curtain is a little lighter than going as dark as black, but it can also give you that level of darkness and enable a room to feel cosy, especially at night. Having said that, there are many different shades of grey from charcoal to silver, so you are likely to find something that works well in any room of your home. 

Curtain Trends For 2020

Lilac is a calming colour and ideal for bedrooms

If you want a colour that is feminine yet calming, then look no further than lilac. Colours for curtains will still always be something that people may want, especially for a bedroom space, and the colour lilac, be that a flat tone, or incorporated into some kind of pattern, can work extremely well in a bedroom environment. 

Neutral tones are something you can’t go wrong with

Not everyone is as adventurous as they might like to be, so you may want to stick with more neutral tones. Thankfully, as an interior trend, and especially with curtains, neutral tones will always be something that people want when it comes to their home. The soft tones can be a great way to create a calming space, and in a room that has big windows, it can be the easiest way to ensure that the space, be that a bedroom or living area, can still get a lot of natural light. 

Two curtains are better than one, right? 

If you really want to add a bit of drama to your room, and that could be any space like a bedroom or living area, then a great way to do that would be to add two curtains. You can do this in different ways, and it will be a real up and coming curtain trend in 2020. Think about contrasting colours, materials, curtain fabrics and patterns. You could look at bringing two colours in the room together, or choose one bright colour and one neutral tone to add a bit of drama to the window. The two curtains could also work to help make a room feel darker when you want, but also private and light when you need it. Some will choose a lighter fabric and maybe a neutral or whoite tone, behind a thicker darker colour, giving the best of both worlds. 

A mixture of blinds and curtains in one room

On the subject of using two different types of curtains, you could also choose a blind option and then a curtain as well. The blinds could be the more functional element, and then the curtains could just be for display purposes and for dressing the window area. The two trends could work well together, especially if you mix up the materials and curtain fabric. Maybe a wooden blind with a thick patterned curtain could be a great look. Again this curtain trend could work well in a bedroom or living area. 

In conclusion there are a few up and coming trends when it comes to curtains in 2020 and there are also some new ideas that could transform any space.

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