Curtain Headings Explained

When you choose Made to Measure curtains, there are lots of options to make your curtains just how you want them. One of the biggest decisions is how you want your curtains to sit and this is all down to the heading you decide on. At Fabric Direct Online we have 5 different options to choose from and we have broken them down for you to make your decision a little easier:

Pencil Pleat

pencil pleat curtain heading

A heading made up of tightly packed folds which resemble a neat row of pencils. This curtain heading gives a neat and elegant finish to your curtains and allows you to alter the look of your curtains by creating tighter or looser folds.

This heading tape is versatile, meaning it can be used with either a track or a pole and is usually supplied with three hook positions allowing for flexibility when hanging your curtains. It is recommended to use tie backs with this specific style to keep the folds neat and in place.

Double Pleat & Triple Pleat

double pleat heading
triple pleat heading

A double or triple pleat heading will give a permanent pleat to your curtains creating a stylish and tailored look for your windows and a great design for any home, from modern to traditional.

The pleats neatly stack back so it is good practice to ensure there is enough space either side of the window so the curtains can stack back without squashing the pleats and avoid covering the window. This heading can be used on either a pole or a track, however, looks best when hung beneath a pole.


Goblet curtain headings are ideal for making a statement. Often seen in period properties, the heading creates a formal and opulent heading that sits best on a pole, however, can also be used on a track.

This heading has a bulky stack back so having enough space on either side of the window for them to sit neatly is important.


eyelet curtain heading

Probably one of the most popular styles of curtains at the moment. Eyelets create a modern and simplistic look, the heading forms columns of fabric which falls into soft folds suiting any height of ceiling. It has a minimal stack back which makes it great for narrow windows or windows with limited wall space either side, however this curtain heading can also be ideal for very wide windows too.

Eyelets are small metal rings which are threaded through your curtain pole and are available in 5 different colours; Chrome, Matte Brass, Bronze, Matte Nickle or Brass so you can suit it to match your interiors. 

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