Curtain Fabric for Summer Windows

Curtain Fabric for Summer Windows

When summer arrives, it’s the perfect time to change your curtains. Instead of having the thick, heavy, and perhaps darkly-coloured curtains that you need to keep warm in winter, you can have something a bit more summery. You don’t need thermal curtains to keep the heat in, although you might want curtains that help you to keep the heat out. During the summer, some brighter colours for your curtain fabric could be just what you need. Even if it’s a rainy summer’s day, you can still enjoy the vibrancy of your curtains while you’re spending time indoors.

Summer Curtain Colour Ideas

There are all kinds of options available if you want to choose new curtain colours for the summer. Something bright or light can really bring a summer feel into your home, so you might want to look for pastels, whites, and creams, or bolder shades to brighten up your windows. At Fabric Direct Online, you can filter our curtain fabrics by colour to find the right colour for your summer curtains. Select from green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and many more. Try some colours that invoke a feeling of summer and nature, such as yellow, green, and blue.

Pattern Choices for Your Summer Curtains

Selecting a pattern for your summer curtains will also help you to find the right fabric for summery window dressings. If you filter our curtain fabrics by pattern, you can find everything from classics like stripes, herringbone, and tartans, to fun, contemporary patterns. You can discover animal prints, flowers, and botanical prints, geometric patterns, and all kinds of options to help you design your perfect summer curtains. Choose a style that invokes summer for you. There are so many different options, you can make curtains that represent whatever you think summer should feel like.

The Best Curtain Fabrics for Warmer Weather

As well as finding the right colour and pattern for your summer curtain fabric, you can also consider what type of fabric might be appropriate. When it’s warmer, you might want to make sure you have lightweight curtain fabric that’s more breathable and lets the air flow. Sheer fabrics can be a good choice if you’re looking for something that provides privacy and decoration, without keeping the heat in. Silks and taffetas can also be a good option for your summer curtain fabric. You should consider blackout curtains too, which will keep out the strong rays from the sun.

Sew Your Own or Made to Measure

You could choose to sew your own summer curtains or perhaps have them made to measure. Our made-to-measure curtain service makes it easy to get the curtains that you want, without the effort. Of course, if you’re looking for your next sewing project, sewing a new pair of summer curtains could be a fun way to take on a new challenge.

Take a look at our broad range of curtain fabrics to find the perfect fabric for your next pair of summer curtains. Summer is the perfect time to refresh your window dressings.