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5 Craft Fabrics to Discover This Season

It’s that time of year again when our crafters spring into action and start thinking about those seasonal craft projects – and at Fabrics Direct we’re all geared up for crafting with a huge range of specialist fabrics and accessories for all needs.

Our customers come to us with all types of craft projects in mind. You might be looking to make little fabric characters to delight little ones with, or felt booties for a new arrival. Perhaps you are looking to embellish some clothing with faux fur, or keen to decorate cushion covers with colourful custom additions. The right craft fabric will help you to create visual and tactile interest, as well as providing an easy material to work with and a beautiful finish.

With that in mind, here are five craft fabrics that are currently flying off the shelves of our ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ at Fabric Direct.


Poly felts come in a range of thicknesses, sizes and a huge range of colours and shades to choose from. Felts can be used as a printing surface and for sewing, and the durable, matte textile is both heavy and solid to work with, offering just the slightest degree of bias stress. Use it for all types of visual craft project, from felt flowers to embellish a cushion through to felt Christmas decorations.


We sell faux furs by the metre and on reels for craft making purposes and to embellish clothing. You’ll find different prints and colours which are ideal for adding a glamorous accent to your projects. Why not sew some faux fur onto last season’s coats to bring a fresh twist and to add some cosiness for the colder months ahead?




There’s a reason why cotton is always a favourite for dressmakers, interior designers and craftspeople alike. It is exceptionally versatile, lightweight, soft, easy to work with and the choice of colours, weights and designs is incredible. We would recommend trying cotton if you are doing any seasonal patchworking.


This is a really fun craft fabric for kids to work with, and it also looks great for upholstery projects when embellished with beads and badges. As an extra bonus, it doesn’t really fray and has a great sturdy finish.


Velvet is luxurious, beautiful to touch and perfect for the colder season. Why not try it for a wall hanging project or for general home decor crafts?

Other craft fabrics

You’ll also find satin, silk georgette, crepe, canvas, velvet, neoprene, velour and classic cotton on sale. As always, these are offered in a range of colours and prints, sizes and weights or thicknesses, with our stocks regularly updating to reflect the latest fabric releases and styles.

Need a hand picking the right craft fabric? Just get in touch and our team of experts and fellow crafters will be delighted to assist you

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