Christmas Crafts

Christmas Fabrics

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about all the many ways that you can apply your love of crafts to celebrate the season. 

Christmas fabric crafts are a great way to make sustainable, affordable accessories to add cheer to any household. What’s more, the possibilities are practically endless.

Crafting creates memories and features that you can use this year and for seasons to come – and that’s what Christmas is all about. Here are some Christmas craft ideas you’ve just GOT to try. 

Make An Ornamental Bobble Hat

The bobble hat is one of the quintessential images of the winter season and, of course, an essential practical device for keeping the chill at bay. But being such an icon, it’s something to celebrate in its own right. 

One of the most fun projects at Christmas is to create miniature bobble hats that can serve as decorations for the tree or, if you keep ducks, tiny warmers for their heads when they snow is falling outside. 

Making a mini bobble hat decoration is surprisingly straightforward. What’s more, it looks great hanging with the rest of the decorations. It certainly adds a lot of interest. 

Create Your Very Own Stockings

The Christmas stockings you buy from the store are never big enough for all the presents you want to stuff inside them. Make this year different by crafting your own – make them the size of bin liners if you have to!

Choose a large piece of Christmas fabric and then approach making the stocking as you would a giant sock. Draw two sock-like shapes on a piece of material (don’t worry, they don’t have to be for a realistic foot – this is a Christmas stocking, remember). Cut them out and then use your sewing machine to apply a zig-zag stitch along the join when placing the two together, ensuring that any excess material folds outwards and the pattern you want to appear of the outside faces inwards. Then, once the sewing is done, turn them inside out and voila! – you have your very own stockings, bin-liner-size if that’s what you need!

If you’re feeling very smart, you can also knit Christmas stockings, but that’s a whole other story. 

Sew A Christmas Jumper

The Christmas jumper has gone from being an unwelcome cliche to front and centre of personal fashion over the festive season. Who would have thought? 

Being so celebrated, it’s should now be top of your list of crafting priorities for the season. 

You can be inventive when it comes to designs to stick on the front. Traditional images include Santa, reindeer, snowflakes, baubles, Christmas trees and idyllic festive scenes, like the nativity or homes, lit up with lights. 

Then, of course, you can push the envelope. What’s stopping you from stitching a riske joke on the front? How about adding a few LED lights behind the scenes to grab attention?

Christmas woolly jumpers make great presents too. You could knit one for everyone you’re going to see over the holidays. What’s more, all the recipients will all have to be grateful. After all, you made it!

Add Fabric Coverings To Your Favourite Ornaments

There are all kinds of ornaments lying around your home, but don’t they look miserly? Go on, look at them. That clock on your mantelpiece? Not exactly a bastion of festive cheer is it? Those wine bottles sitting on your drinks cabinet? They look like they’ve just been to a funeral. Totally morose. 

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to put up with inanimate objects bringing down the cheer. You can apply correctional – fabric-based remediations. 

One idea is to take an object that’s sitting there and not doing an awful lot, like a vase, and cover it with a some classic Christmas material. Sew it up neatly, and you can turn even the most boring object into something that looks as if it’s getting into the swing of things. 

If that sounds a little too complicated, then put yourself in tea-cosy mode. Look around your rooms for anything, like wine bottles, that could benefit from the addition of material. Even a small knitted hat is an improvement over a lump of cork, don’t you think? 

A Fabric Christmas Tree

If you’re limited for space or want an alternative to the traditional Christmas tree, then why not make your own from fabric?

You can really go to town with this one. First of all, fabric Christmas trees can be any size you like. You can sew or knit a tree that can hang, like a bauble, from your main tree. Or you can craft something that will replace your tree and provide a new way to appreciate the ritual.

You can make your tree two-dimensional and stick it to the wall, or you can make it three dimensional by apply successive layers of green fabric to a central pillar supported by a base. 

Knit Your Gift Tags

Gift tags are definitely an upgrade from scribbling on the wrapping paper with a felt tip pen, but nothing comes close to knitting your own.

Making a gift tag for your presents is surprisingly easy. All you need is some fabrics for Christmas. Then, cut two sections into the shape of a small label, and then sew them together. You’re then free to knit names, messages, and even little festive icons on the tag face to help spread good cheer. 

Make Some Festive Cushion Covers

Finally, you might want to upgrade your current cushions by giving them a festive makeover. 

To make festive cushion covers, you’ll need appropriate fabric, plenty of sequins and buttons, and lots of coloured threads to make your design a reality. 

Not sure where to get all the materials for your next Christmas craft session? Be sure that you check out our store. We have loads of Christmas fabrics available, letting you create practically anything you like. 

 Grab your festive materials now and release your creative genius. 

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