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Home sewing is now massively popular in the UK, as is buying fabric online – particularly as it allows you to make your own fashion statement when it comes to clothes, or to create bespoke soft furnishings for your home.

Why follow the herd, when home sewing offers you a chance to stamp your own personality and tastes on everything from dresses to curtains and from bed linen to toy storage?

Obviously, this level of creativity – and making things that fit perfectly with your own specific preferences – means finding the right products.

The internet has revolutionised the retail industry, and that includes providing home sewing enthusiasts with fabulous fabric ranges, at their fingertips.


Shopping around for the perfect fabric


There’s not much point in learning to sew or pursuing your passion for arts and crafts if you end up with “run of the mill” materials.

Which is just one of the reasons that being able to buy fabric online is such a huge bonus. It’s possible to search for specific colours, designs or types of material to buy fabric that exactly matches your creative vision.

This can be especially true if you are making something really special, such as a wedding or bridesmaids dresses. Having your pick of bridal fabrics online opens up limitless possibilities for your dream designs.


Source of new ideas


Alternatively, browsing large online fabric ranges can be the source of wonderful new inspiration and ideas. Many home sewing projects start from a desire to make good use of a new fabric range. For example, if you see gorgeous Disney, Star Wars or Harry Potter fabric online, it could well give you great ideas for handmade gifts for avid fans!


Massive time and cost savings


One of the other considerable advantages to buying fabric online is the chance to buy just what you need, at just the right price. You buy only the amount that suits your home furnishing, dressmaking or hobby sewing project. You can even pick up great offers in online “bargain basement” deals.

Perhaps the biggest benefit for many people though is how easy and quick it is to buy fabric online.



No need to check shop opening times or struggle to park!

Even if you have work or family commitments, that doesn’t have to slow down your fabric spending spree! With Fabric Direct Online, you can browse at your leisure, any time day or night, on any device, at any location!

Then, your fabric and haberdashery selections are speedily delivered straight to your door.

Which can make finding and buying fabric almost as enjoyable as actually using it……

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