Bringing Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’ To Life!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, you will do soon because Frozen 2 is set to hit our cinemas on November 22nd, and it already looks about ready to take the world by storm. While you might still struggle to get the lyrical tune of ‘Let it Go’ from your mind on snowy days, you can bet there’ll be another catchy number to sing you to sleep (time and again) this year!

If you have little people in your life, getting on board with the Frozen 2 hype is guaranteed to be a lot of fun this Christmas and beyond. It’s been a few years since the original Frozen was released, after all, and a whole new generation is waiting to get involved with the magic.

To help you bring the excitement to life for your kids, we at Fabrics Direct have a range of Disney’s Frozen licensed fabrics for your fancy. All you need to do is get your sewing head on to work out how you can turn them into magical Frozen 2 fun bits for the big release, and Christmas, too! Luckily, we’ve got a few suggestions that could be just the thing to help you get started.

Fun with Frozen 2 costumes

It’s just a wild guess, but we’re assuming that a fair few little girls will be dressing up to see this at the cinema. Elsa and Anna costumes are everywhere in the shops, after all, and Frozen fancy dress is always fun. So, why not take this experience to the next level for your youngsters by making them their very own outfits?

We have just the fabric you need to make Elsa’s dress from scratch, and it could see your kids standing head and shoulders above the other shop-bought designs on the big day. All you’ll need is our Elsa dress fabric, some blue netting, and a simple pattern for a long tutu dress and shawl. Then, just plait that hair for the best dressed Elsa in the entire cinema!

Fix up some Frozen 2 cinema bags

It isn’t often that Disney releases a sequel to your kids’ favourite film, so why not go all out making this a special occasion by sewing some custom-made Frozen cinema bags? These couldn’t be easier to put together, yet they’ll work amazingly as popcorn holders or even goody bags for release day. You could even make an event of it, and fill them with Frozen colouring books and fun bits galore while you wait for the film to start. Just cut out neat squares from your Frozen fabric of choice and sew them together. You could even incorporate a drawstring during the conception stage to ensure Frozen bags that your kids can use for all sorts after their cinema trip.

Get into bed with Elsa from Frozen

It’s possible to buy countless Frozen duvet covers on the market at the moment, but the price tags are insane! That’s why we think you should make your own. While it does mean working with large sections of fabric, making duvet covers for even double beds is surprisingly easy once you get your measurements right. You could even use a different fabric inside to get all that Frozen goodness into this simple themed knit. One of our character fabrics would definitely look fantastic backed by our more subtle Frozen material outline. 

Even if you usually struggle to get your kids to bed, you can bet they’ll be desperate to get into bed with Anna or Elsa (or both) every single night. And, it needn’t cost you anywhere near as much as those excessive shop-bought options.

Pyjamas to stop your kids from freezing

Ironic as it may seem, sewing some quality Frozen pyjamas could be just the thing for keeping your kids from freezing during this coming winter. Any of our frozen designs are sure to look amazing as a pyjama set for your youngsters (or you!)

You could stick with one of our fantastic fabrics for an all-in-one theme, or you could find a pattern for a top and trouser set that allows you to make use of a few different fabric selections. Either way, these sets will provide your kids with yet another reason to want bedtime to come more quickly than they ever have before!

A ‘Frozen 2’ kind of Christmas

Even ahead of release, it’s plain to see that Frozen 2 is going to take this Christmas by storm. Olaf will be a standard feature in our youngster’s stockings, and you can bet our other favourite characters will make an appearance at some stage, too. That’s why we think you should take this opportunity to sew some Christmasy Frozen 2 additions for the family to enjoy.

Our fabrics would all be ideal for either Christmas stockings or sacks this year, and you can bet they’ll be bang on-trend, too. You could even save money on this make by using scraps from your other chosen creations to put together these Christmas extras. One thing’s sure; putting a stocking made with our Kristoff and Sven material on the end of your kids’ beds is sure to bring Frozen 2 to life in the best way!

Disney's Frozen 2

Don’t forget your haberdashery!

Not only do we have one of the best selections of Frozen 2 fabrics, but we also have everything you need to make those characters come to life in your household. Whether you’re making these ideas or an invention of your own, don’t forget to stock up from our haberdashery supplies. We have all the threads you need to bring these ideas to life, as well as buttons, ribbons, and beads to guarantee the best costumes and creations of your sewing career. We even have the patterns you might need to see these designs through to conception! 

Even better, we offer all these benefits with same-day dispatch so that there’s no stopping you from bringing Frozen 2 to life for your kids for its release date and beyond. 

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