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When it comes to choosing dresses for the bride and bridesmaids, there’s lots to think about, from the cut and colour of the garments to the style, design and length. One key decision is the material you choose to create the dresses in, for this most special of occasions. Modern brides are faced with a huge amount of choice when it comes to bridal fabric, and of course, the option to buy bridal fabric online makes life easier. But it’s a decision you need to make at an early stage of planning your wedding. It will affect how the garments look, how they hang, and, crucially, how comfortable they feel.

Knitted or woven? 

A lot of the fit and fabric of a bridal or bridesmaid’s dress will depend on whether you go for a knitted or woven material. If there are knitted fibres in the fabric, you’ll benefit from a greater stretch. Equally, these materials are soft and hang well. Alternatively, woven material usually feels very smooth and is structured. However, it will only stretch easily if mixed with another, synthetic fabric.

If you choose a natural material like silk, you should find it more breathable. The downside is that the finish may not be perfect, and these fabrics may be more prone to wrinkling. Equally, they may be more expensive, and for that reason, they’re often blended with synthetic materials.


This is a durable fabric offering a smooth finish and is quite thick, so it’s supportive and ideal for a more structured frock. It’s also versatile and can be ruched or draped.


Lightweight and sheer, organza is a woven material traditionally made from silk. It’s delicate, perfect for summer weddings and still more structured than something like chiffon.


This gorgeous, sheer material lends an almost ethereal appearance to a gown, although it’s not as finely woven as organza or chiffon, and has more of a mesh look. It can be ruched to give greater structure.

While a lighter fabric like silk clings more tightly to the body, heavier materials such as satin can be more forgiving. But it’s important you choose a material that’s of the right quality and who structure, weight and appearance makes you and your bridesmaids feel happy and comfortable on your big day.

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