Are you ready for World Book Day?

Are you ready for World Book Day on 7th March?

World Book Day is a fantastic opportunity for families everywhere to celebrate their favourite literary characters with stories, special events and… dressing up! Behind the campaign is the drive to make sure every child and young person can have a book of their own, with a free book on offer for toddlers to teens and a calendar of themed activities to enjoy.

The charity works with authors, illustrators and book retailers all across the UK to make World Book Day as high profile and as exciting as possible, bringing fantastic stories to life for all ages and sparking a lifelong desire to read. Most schools also mark the occasion with costumes and themed days where everything that is special about reading and literacy is celebrated.

Why is there an emphasis on dressing up? 

Well, the creators behind the scheme explain that they want to create a sense of ‘Christmas Morning’ for children and young people when they approach books – creating that feeling of excitement and wonder which sparks their imaginations. World Book Day also encourages families to make their costumes together, so that children can learn to be creative and to make fun props and outfits with everyday items.

Have a go at home!

This means that there’s no pressure to go and buy a costume when World Book Day comes around – in fact, the joy of the occasion is to be found in gathering some basic materials, finding some inspiration and having a go at making something yourself! Whether you’re a talented and experienced dressmaker or a complete beginner, you can make a fantastic costume to celebrate World Book Day!

Find inspiration for World Book Day costumes

The first step is to find an idea for the sort of costume you might make. Your child’s school may have a theme for the day or invite pupils to come in wearing an outfit or prop that brings to mind their favourite character. For example, one popular book is ‘Lizzie And the Birds’. Your child could easily embellish a favourite top with feathers and cut out a felt mask to become an owl, a sparrow or even a colourful parakeet!

Take a look at the World Book Day Dressing Up Gallery online to see what other people have done. You’ll see that the inspirational images here really vary in their level of difficulty. The Little Princess is a great costume to try for beginners, with a simple white shift dress and a golden crown. Roald Dahl’s classic comedy, The Twits, is also very easy to create with paint splashes and old clothing, and Gangsta Granny just requires a raid of the local charity shop and an eBay wig!

For more ambitious projects, any of the Mr Men characters could be great fun to make with a sewing machine and a pattern, and the Snow Queen or Little Mermaid both provide plenty of creative challenge. Search for either on Pinterest and you’ll see a range of project ideas and even tutorials to help get you started.

There’s also plenty of inspiration to find online at World Book Day’s 2019 £1 books here: (Remember, all young people in the UK will get a book token that allows them to pick up one of these chosen titles for free!) With a costume for a character in one of these books, you really will be on-theme this year…

Get the supplies that you need

At Fabric Direct, we stock all of the fabrics, embellishments and haberdashery that you need for creative costume-making and we are well used to helping our customers with their World Book Day costume orders! You’ll find a huge range of quality and affordable fabrics cut by the metre, along with every button, bow, edging, ribbon and sequin you could possibly need to create that perfect finish. You might prefer to start a costume from scratch or to use existing ‘basics’ that you then customise to suit. When you peruse our huge range of materials, you’ll certainly find plenty to inspire you and to get those creative juices flowing!

Here to help

And if you need a bit of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced team. We are passionate sewing fans, crafters and dressmakers ourselves and are delighted to help our customers find what they need to fulfil those World Book Day costume requests!

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