All Set For Halloween?

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is an invitation to be creative and dress as anything you like, so you should RSVP as soon as possible. There is no better way to craft an ultimate Halloween costume than to create your own. After all, it’s a cathartic, unique and affordable process. Thanks to our Halloween fabric section in our online shop, it’s accessible too. All you need to do is choose a roll of material and get to work.

If you are looking for inspiration as well as equipment, don’t worry because this post has got you covered. Below is a handful of the best designs you can make at home, whether you want to stand out from the crowd or you need a last-minute costume.

Harry Potter

The Boy Who Lived is now a firm Halloween costume favourite, but you don’t need to go to a fancy dress shop to look the part. With our Harry Potter craft fabrics, you can choose to be anyone ranging from the main man himself to a regular Hogwarts student. Yes, we don’t discriminate against Slytherins, Hufflepuffs or Ravenclaws!

Harry Potter superfans can even mix it up and go as the Marauders’ Map. As far as original HP Halloween costumes go, this is one of the most out-of-the-box ideas. It’s a good job you’ve got a map to guide you, then!


This Wookie seems like he is hard to replicate, but it’s pretty easy once you have the right fabrics. Start with a thick material, such as our Short Fur in cream, and glue it all around your body so that you look like one of Star Wars’ most beloved characters. Then, short-haired people need a wig, and you can mould one out of our Honey Long Hair Fur products.

With a bit of attention to detail – don’t forget the blue streak in his fur – you’ll stick out as the best-groomed sore thumb in the neighbourhood!


Gotham’s Dark Knight is a super easy Halloween costume. Take a black hoodie and trousers and then cut an umbrella in half. With the remains of the umbrella, use glue or safety pins to stick them to the side of your hoodie. Take some and craft them into ears and you’ve got the basis of a DIY Batman.

How do you make sure people know you’re the Caped Crusader? Easy – with Batman Logo Material print. Get the original or the comic-strip version from our online shop and you’ll be ready to take on the Joker.


Tommy-Lee Jones and Will Smith have been the Men in Black for years, and their outfits have never changed. Thankfully, this makes it easy to copy for a quick and cool Halloween number. All you need is a black suit and tie and matching trousers and a white shirt and voila! Don the shades so that you don’t neuralise yourself and you’re ready to fight intergalactic crime. A pug is perfect if you have one, but don’t any small dog will do the trick.

Any couples that are searching for a joint costume, or parents who want to match their kids’ outfits, this one is an excellent option.

A Tiger

There is nothing as scary as the fiercest cat on the planet. The good news is that there is nothing as simple to make when it comes to a DIY Halloween outfit. With our Tiger Print Fur craft, the costume is pretty much readymade – all you need to do is make the nose, ears, and tail. With a set of sharp canines, you’ll look ready to pounce.

Of course, a tiger is only one option. By shopping with us, you can be anything from a cheetah to a giraffe, cow, zebra, or dalmatian.

Things To Remember

You shouldn’t assume you can’t make a DIY costume because you don’t have the materials or the skill. Doing it yourself is a walk in the park as long as you have some inspiration, which is why a look through our site is always helpful. 

Also, don’t forget about the stuff in your wardrobe that you don’t use anymore. From old clothes to party games, they might come in handy as long as you think creatively. And, it’s cheaper to do that than it is to buy a new outfit every year for Halloween.

Of course, the best thing to do is to check out the Direct Fabric Online shop and browse our craft’s section. In a matter of minutes, you could find what you need to develop a wickedly scary skeleton outfit.

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