7 Summer Dressmaking Trends

Making dresses from scratch is a wonderful way to create a bespoke piece of clothing that differs from everything that’s on the market. Sewing your choice of unique fabrics together, the results can be something that you proudly show off to all of your friends and family. It can also be a way of saving money, as all you need is a piece of fabric, a sewing machine and a display bust if you want to see what the dress will look like on.

As summer arrives, it’s clear that there are a number of trends that are arising and can be tailored to any occasion or type of weather. For those who are keen dressmakers or even those who are looking to get into dressmaking, here is a list of the top seven dress trends for this summer season that you can recreate or add a touch of your personality to at home with your sewing machine!

1) Florals

Everyone loves a floral dress. The representation of both spring and summer, when someone puts on a floral dress, it’s a sign that the hot weather is approaching (which is admittedly, usually rare in the UK). Perfect for any occasion, they are fun, airy and playful. Whether you choose to design a dress with a bold flower print or something a little more subtle, you will be bang on trend this season. They can also be made in maxi, midi or mini dresses – meaning that they are suitable for any body shapes.

  Photo by Riki Ramdani on Unsplash

  2) Polka Dots 

This is a trend that has done the rounds more than once throughout the years. Never going out of style, polka dot dresses can be either informal or formal and can be accessorised beautifully. From sleek A-line designs, to maxi dresses, polka dots give you the freedom to design a dress in whatever style you want. This trend is guaranteed to take up the social media world by storm and continue to flourish throughout the next few months. 

Photo by Tofros.com from Pexels

3) Smocks

Looking to create a dress that’s comfortable yet fashionable? Then a smock is the right choice for you. Textured, chic and easy to wear, smocks are guaranteed to make a big entrance throughout this summer. Fitting perfectly, no matter what your body shape, it’s ideal whether you are on the beach, shopping or exploring whilst on holiday (or at home). An easy type of dress to sew due to the elastic fabrics and free-flowing design, it’s a must for any dressmaker and can be designed to suit any frame. 

Photo by Zun Zun from Pexels

   4) White dresses

As the UK has (unusually) experienced and is expected to experience nice weather across the summer, white dresses have made a grand entrance. There’s no better time than now to create a crisp white dress – whether you want to design a maxi, midi or mini white dress is up to you! White shirt dresses are ideal for those looking for a dress that will take them through the day to night and can be dressed up to be formal! You can choose from an array of materials to make your white dress from, including cotton and polyester. They are also a blank canvas, meaning that you can accessorize them with a variety of different necklaces, earrings or bracelets (as well as being able to be paired with a different array of shoes). 

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

5) Statement Sleeves 

Think that statement sleeves are only for the 1980s? Well this year, they are making a big comeback and it’s looking like they are there to stay. If you want to stay on-trend this summer and stand out from the crowd, design a quirky dress with statement sleeves! Whether you are looking for a billowy, puff or another type of sleeve/statement shoulder design, you’re guaranteed to be the talk of the town in one of these types of dresses – whether you are at a party, at the club or simply heading out on a shopping spree!

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

 6) Maxi dress

The ultimate summer dress trend has got to be the maxi dress. A holiday staple, it can be dressed up or down, dependant on how you are feeling. With a variety of different styles available to draw inspiration from (including boho and beach-appropriate styles), you can showcase your taste however you want. You could also try creating something a little different – such as a slip dress that gives off that 90s vibe! Alternatively, you can add fun tassels or bobbles to the dress to a unique design that will make your creation differ from the rest.

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

7) Midi Length Dresses

Whether you are heading to the office, for a date or for a night on the town, a midi dress is the way to go this summer. You can make them as simple or wild as you like, using elasticated or flowing fabrics. Midi dresses can be paired with a range of cardigans, blazers or even worn on their own – depending on the occasion and how hot it is outside! A sewing and dressmakers dream, they are a wonderful addition to your wardrobe that can even be worn in the colder months (if they are paired with tights of course).

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

So, there you go! There are the top seven summer dress trends that are perfect for those dressmaking enthusiasts out there. Tailoring the styles to suit you, these dresses are guaranteed to be seen everywhere throughout both the UK and internationally this season. 

Whether you are a dressmaking pro or a dressmaking novice, these types of dresses will showcase your sewing talent, whilst ensuring that you are on-trend! These dress trends are the ideal gateway into fashion and will allow you to try out a range of fabrics.

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