Curtains….on trend.

When you’re putting together your perfect home, every detail matters. From the beautiful aromas of the candles on the fireplace to the luxurious throws on the sofa, there are many finishing touches that make a house a cosy and welcoming home. When the winter comes around, we especially can’t get enough of those stunning decor […]

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Christmas Crafts

Christmas Fabrics

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about all the many ways that you can apply your love of crafts to celebrate the season.  Christmas fabric crafts are a great way to make sustainable, affordable accessories to add cheer to any household. What’s more, the possibilities are practically endless. Crafting creates […]

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Made For Your Home

Custom Made Curtains

Made to measure curtains are made to fit the precise shape and size of your windows and surrounding frame. The idea is to create a window dressing that looks as if it was meant to be there, blending into your room, not bolted on after the fact.  Not all curtains, however, are made-to-measure. Some are […]

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For The Love Of Tulle


Tulle – a fine, netting-like material – is something of a sensation right now. Typically associated with ballerina dresses and bridal wear, tulle is gaining acolytes from all over the world, including Kylie Jenner, who recently wore a pink gown for H&M made of the material.  Tulle has all kinds of properties that get people […]

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