Measuring Guide for Pelmets

Measuring For Pelmets

Measuring Guide for Pelmets   Width The pelmet track or pelmet board must be fitted before the measurements are taken. Pelmet tracks need to clear the curtain track. Please allow a minimum of 15.2cm (6”) on either side. We would recommend that the depth of the pelmet track (B) should be at least 10cm (4”) […]

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How To Measure For Blinds

How To Measure For Blinds You can fit your blind either inside or outside the window recess, when deciding which you prefer it is important to remember that the outside recess fitting is preferred when; • the recess is less than 7.5cm (3”) deep • it is an inward opening window • where the window […]

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How To Measure For Curtains

How To Measure For Curtains   Important Where possible we recommend that custom made curtains are measured and hung by a professional fitter.   Measuring Curtain Width Measure the track or pole (a) and not the window. The track or pole should extend beyond each side of your window to enable your curtains to be […]

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